Quad HiFi, Lumin, E.A.T., Luxman, Silent Angel, Beaudioful

Assisted by IAD Audio’s Thomas Henke, I learned about Quad HiFi’s relaunch of their beloved 33 preamplifier and 303 power amplifier, which were available and very popular from 1967 to 1985. (Stereophile’s Spin Doctor, Mike Trei, owns an original set in perfect working order). Also on premiere, the new Quad electrostatic loudspeaker, the ESL 2912X (app. €17,000), a floorstander in the lineage of the classic Quad ESL 57. (Mike has those, too.)

Henke told me that the new Quad components will be available within six months. The 303 will offer 60Wpc, cost approximately €1500 apiece, and include balanced and single-ended inputs and outputs, a remote control, a phono stage, and the original Quad’s “tilt controls.” The 303 prototype was very heavier than it looked. The classic orange buttons had excellent touch.

In the active system powering the 2912X included a Quad Artera preamp ($1495) and Quad Artera monoblock amplifiers ($1695/apiece). Sources were a Lumin streamer, an E.A.T. Forte turntable ($11,999) with a Luxman LMC-5 MC cartridge ($2500). A Silent Angel Genesis Bonn switching clock ($3899) and a Beaudioful rack rounded out the rig.

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