Eagles Under Investigation For Tampering After Saquon Barkley Signing

PHILADLEPHIA, PA — The Eagles are under investigation for possible illegal tampering with the free agency process in the period leading up to their blockbuster signing of Saquon Barkley this week.

The longtime star running back for the New York Giants agreed to a three year deal worth $37.75 million on Monday, shortly after the NFL’s free agency signing window opened. Before the window opened, teams were not supposed to be talking directly to players, only their agents.

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The Eagles came under investigation after comments made by Barkley’s former coach at Penn State, James Franklin, seemed to suggest direct communication between Eagles general manger Howie Roseman and Barkley window opened, according to ESPN and NFL Network Insider Tom Pelissero.

“For him now to come back and be able to play within the state, in Philadelphia, he said that was one of the first things that Howie said to him on the phone as part of his sales pitch to him was not only the Philadelphia Eagles and that but obviously the connection with Penn State and the fan base as well,” Franklin said in an interview with ESPN about the signing.

Find out what's happening in Norristownwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

The Eagles have not yet made a public statement on the investigation, which was announced by the NFL. The Atlanta Falcons are being simultaneously investigated for similar free agency tampering claims in regard to their signing of Kirk Cousins.

Barkley’s deal with the Birds contains incentives which could make it worth up to $46.75 million. That potential $15.83 million annual salary would be the second highest ever in NFL history, after Christian McCaffery’s four year, $64 million deal with San Francisco.

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