Update On Kenny Omega Dealing With Diverticulitis

Last month, Kenny Omega announced he was out indefinitely in the caption of a photo that he posted of himself in the hospital as Omega was diagnosed with diverticulitis.


Omega was dealing with leading up to him going to the hospital. It’s unclear whether Omega got the surgery, but he went to the hospital after thinking that he maybe had another hernia that he dealt with in 2022 and had bloating because of a bad diet. Omega had been hurting really bad for a while before going to the hospital. He heard from Omega, who said he was fine.

Dave Meltzer reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Omega has still not had surgery because the inflammation was so bad he couldn’t make the decision whether to have the operation.

The decision will be made in about seven weeks whether he will need surgery based on healing. Should Omega get the surgery, he will be out for much longer.

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