August 14, 2006 Observer Newsletter: Jeff Hardy, CMLL

Rhetoric or even a written policy may look fine to an unknowing public. But in the end, the real policy is the hiring policy. No matter how the last few weeks looks to outsiders with wrestlers temporarily benched, WWE revealed its real policy this past week.

After the past few weeks where drug testing and drug issues were the biggest news story in pro wrestling, the proof in the pudding came out. While drug testing, applied fairly (which will always be questioned not just because it's pro wrestling because there have been questions in many sports in that same direction), can be part of the solution to the problem, ultimately, the companies, whether they play "see no evil" and "hear no evil," choose the type of people they hire.

In a sport with significant pain as a given, and where fans and promoters covet muscular physiques because they make people more marketable, you are virtually guaranteed some significant drug issues. But making the situation worse is hiring practices. When the inexperienced Chris Masters and Bobby Lashley leapfrog past everyone else in developmental and are rushed onto the main roster, what message does it send?

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