The Undertaker Shares Story Of One Of His First Meetings With Vince McMahon, Was Worried He’d Get A Silly Gimmick

The Undertaker looks back on one of his first meeting with Vince McMahon.


The Hall of Famer spoke on this topic during a recent interview on the Six Feet Under podcast, where he joked about nearly getting stuck with a silly gimmick due to an exchange he had with McMahon. When Taker was asked if he had any talents he jokingly told McMahon that he could sing in the show, a joke he realized was a mistake.

There is a gigantic mural of Vince posed up on the wall. Very well done, impressive. The house is massive. This is not in my tax bracket. We start talking, Bruce is putting me over, I’m telling my life story. I feel like it’s going pretty good. He asks me, ‘Do you have any other talents? Do you sing? Do you dance?’ I say, ‘Only in the shower.’ As soon as I said it, I was like, ‘Ohh, I shouldn’t have said that.’ It was the time of outlandish gimmicks. Now I’m thinking, ‘I’m going to be singing in the shower guy.’ As soon as I said ‘I sing in the shower,’ Vince is like, ‘Really??!?!’ Oh no, I’ve screwed up. I was just trying to be funny. This meeting goes on and it feels like it’s been two hours. We get to the end of the meeting. ‘Well, we don’t have anything for you. Maybe after WrestleMania we’ll have something for you then.’ I thanked him for his time. The only reason I got a shot is because, at that meeting, I don’t think he thought I was a draw or would be a draw, but he liked the person. He liked who he was talking to and that is why I think he gave me a chance.

Elsewhere in the interview, Undertaker spoke about his days in WCW and how little money he made during that time. You can read about that here.

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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