Sage’s Effy’s Big Gay Brunch PPV report: Sengal vs. Allie Kat, Marko Stunt vs. Effy, Sonny Kiss vs. Cassandro


OCTOBER 10, 2020

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Announcers: “OG” Kevin Gill & Percy Davis


Delmi Exo and Starr started the match trading some comedy spots and rope running moves, before Exo tagged in her partner Ashley Vox. After a few moments Starr tagged in Mack. Vox did a mandible claw type hold, until Mack got out. Exo and Starr each got tags.

Starr did a powermove, and tagged in Mack, the two then worked over Vox with traditional tag team moves. Mack hit a big boot to Exo, after Starr choked Exo while she was on the apron. Ashley Vox protested from her corner leading to a distracted ref and more heel moves by Starr & Mack.

Mack hit a spinning back elbow on Exo for a near fall. Mack then tagged in Starr, who continued working on Exo. Exo was able to get a dropkick on Mack and Starr, she was then able to get the hot tag on Vox. Vox gained control and combined vox and Exo did a tandem Senton. Ashton Starr came in to break up the near fall. Vox then broke a nearfall that Starr had.

After a toupe, Exo and Starr were in the ring. Starr had another pin, but Vox broke that up. She then hit a tilt-a-whirl on Starr. Vox and Exo pummeled Starr and hit anther Senton and got the pinfall.

WINNER: Team Sea Stars in 13:00 (**1/2)

(Sage’s analysis: A great opening match, I loved the commentary work by Kevin Gill and Davis. This show even being a thing is so amazing and why I love the art of pro wrestling. The match itself was a good mix of fun spots and legit athleticism. The ring psychology was really good as well)


Still Life convinced Sheik to start the match with a test of strength. The two remained in a greco-roman hold as they had several moves. Still Life gained the advantage and had Sheik in a hold. Sheik quickly got out with a leg kick, the two then transitioned from hold wrestling to lucha style wrestling.

Still Life hit a missile drop kick, which led to a near fall. Still Life then went back into hold offense. Still Life put Sheik and an impressive and innovative hold that I lack the skill to describe here. Sheik got out and did a swinging chair reversal to get back in command of the match.

Dark Sheik then hit two springboard moves on Still Life as she took control of the match. Still Life countered with a figure four transition from their back, leading to another clinic of mat wrestling. Sheik transitioned out of the hold into a Muta like lock. The two got on their feet, Sheik landed several strikes, then Still Life hit a cutter to ground Dark Sheik.

Sheik’s mean streak then shown through. She hit Still Life with several stiff shots, Still Life then responded with strikes of their own. Sheik hit a spinning heel kick that led to a near fall. Sheik then hit an Iconoclasm and then missed a top rope leg drop.

Still Life then put Sheik in the tree of woe, and hit a senton. Then, Still Life put Sheik in a figure four leg lock. Dark Sheik tapped out.

WINNER: Still Life with Apricots and Pears (***¼)

(Sage’s analysis: This match was really really good. Still Life is legit one of the best technical wrestlers I have seen in a long time. I need to see them go up against ZSJ and Jonathan Gresham ASAP. Sheik also excelled in the heel role and brought a lot of great moves to the match.)


All eight men brawled to start the match. The action spilled outside of the ring as they all paired off and hit outside the ring bawling moves. Mance and Dixon essentially started the tag-team portion of the match. Dixon accidentally knocked Edwards off of the apron. MV Young and Matthew Justice were the next combatants in the ring.

Young and Justice did the strong style spot while sitting. Wavra was tagged in, he knocked Edwards off the apron just like Dixon did on accident. Levi Everret was then tagged in. Eventually MV Young entered the fray. The match broke down from this point. Mance grabbed a door and put it in the ring.

Mance then poked all members of the opposing team. But, Edwards speared Mance through the table. Everett did a suicide dive, getting the action back to a one-on-one variety. The match ended when all of the Second Gear Crew Pinned Billy Dixon.

WINNER: Second Gear Crew 17:00 (***1/4)

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(Sage’s analysis: Another really great match, this was a literal mess, in the best way possible.)


The match started with Allie Kat trying to get Senegal to rub her belly, but Jamie faked the rub and stepped on Kat. Senegal and Kat then traded moves and even WWE Diva style spots, ironically of course. Senegal’s valet then beat on Kat outside the ring, throwing her back weakened to Senegal.

Senegal controlled the match for several minutes. Kat took back control with a clothesline and headbutt. Both were down, leading to a 10-count. Senegal then struck Kat to get control again, but Kat hit a Senton and then worked over Senegal and Sinclair.

Senegal got a near fall on Kat. Sinclair then hit Kat with water and Senegal hit her with a chair for the win.

WINNER: Jamie Senegal in 11:00 (**½)

(Sage’s analysis: This match was not a technical clinic, but it was beyond fun and both performers played their roles perfectly. This could have been transported back to the 80’s and worked on Saturday Night’s Main Event)


Llyod and Dyln Mckay started the match, Lloyd got the pin after 4 minutes. The two traded several high spots.

Jared Evans came out next and it was Llyod vs. Evans. Evans got a low blow and got the fall.

Logan Stunt came out next and it was Evans vs. Stunt. Evans and Stunt had a slap off in the ring. Evans pinned Stunt after a curbstomp.

Parrow came out next. It was Parrow vs. Evans. Parrow powerbombed Evans for the pin.

Tyler Klein and Calvin Couture came out next to face Parrow. Parrow hit a double chokeslam for the double pin.

Juicy Jimmy came out next, Tony Deppen came out as well. The two men reenacted two rams butting heads. Parrow powerbombed Juicy Jimmy for the fall.

Molly McCoy came out next. McCoy hit Parrow with several chairs. The two went into the stands. Parrow powerbombed McCoy into the wall, the two went back into the ring. Parrow hit a driver and got the fall.

Effy announced unlimited twinks to attack Parrow. Parrow took out multiple wrestlers that emerged.

Devon Monroe emerged as the last twink to take on Parrow. Parrow threw out Monroe from the ring. All the eliminated competitors slammed the ring as Tony Deppen entered the ring. He super kicked Parrow, Devon then reappeared and hit a DDT. Monroe got a near fall. Monroe then reversed a powerbomb and got the pinfall.

WINNER: Devon Monroe (****)

(Sage’s analysis: This is the most fun I have had watching wrestling in years, an absolute joy.)


Marko started the match by using his signature erratic style that led to a sucide dive to the outside. Effy hit Stunt with a near headshot with a chair. Stunt had a ball gag and placed it on Effy, then Stunt spanked Effy.

Stunt then took out an appendage that was attached to a baking sheet. Effy tried to make marko “eat,” the appendage. But, Stunt sprayed something on Effy

I person dressed as a sex doll came out, Effy tried to pin it. But his eyes were still blinded from the appendage.

Marko tricked Effy to go through a table and get the pinfall.

WINNER: Marko Stunt in 8:00 (**3/4)

(Sage’s analysis: A total gimmick and comedy match, but again it hit so well for me. Such good stuff)


This match was a lot like a Ricky Morton match in 2020. That is a total complement by the way. The way that Cassandro can still work, just like Morton, is absolutely amazing. The fact that this match was as athletic and competitive was amazing. There were no heels or faces in this match. Just a current superstar and legend having a match. Cassandro got the pinfall after a sunset flip counter.

WINNER: Cassandro in 10:00 (**)

-The show ended with the participants in teh show in the ring all saying thank you and celebrating.

Overall Show Rating – Thumbs Up

(Sage’s analysis: This show was absolutely a joy to watch. It was not the most technically amazing show ever but it was an oasis of joy and inclusion that so many of us need in this crazy world that we live in. I feel like a better person and extremely hopeful for pro wrestling as a sport and art form after watching this show.)