Huntington's Final Call Band To Tour LI, NYC: 'We're Really Pumped'

HUNTINGTON, NY — Final Call is ready to rock on its “The Empire State Tour.”

The Huntington-based pop punk/alt rock band’s tour is set to last from Saturday through Aug. 19. The band will play five shows across Long Island and New York City.

The tour schedule is:

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Pat Carroll provides the lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Greg Diem plays lead guitar, Evan Brandow is on the drums, while Paul Vomvas plays bass guitar.

The band performed occasionally after the coronavirus outbreak, but “The Empire State Tour” marks its first official, planned tour.

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“We’re all really excited, really pumped,” Carroll told Patch. “This is a chance for us to really get all around New York City and Long Island and showcase what we’ve been working on.”

The band released its debut album, “Final Call,” last year. It will perform the seven-track album on its upcoming tour. Songs include “Jersey Girls,” “Roller Coaster Love,” “Catch Your Breath,” “Rearview,” and “ChamPain.” The band also plans to play covers from groups like Green Day, Fallout Boys, Blink 182, Paramore, and Sum 41.

Fans should go see Final Call “because we put on a kick ass show!” Carroll said.

“We’re very energetic. A lot of participation from the crowd compared to some of the other places you might be going. We’re four best friends from high school. We have a really good time on-stage. We kind of invite everyone to sing along and dance along and have as good of a time as we are. Just expecting to kind of be very into the music. Singing, dancing. Some of the shows are pretty long. Three hours or so, so get ready to do it for a while. We just want everyone to come have fun with us, really.”

Final Call anticipates the release of its second album will come in 2024.

“Final Call” has been significantly influenced by a variety of artists across the spectrum of rock and roll, including bands such as Green Day, Blink-182, ‘Yellowcard, Linkin Park, The Beatles, Oasis, Avenged Sevenfold, State Champs, Neck Deep, Weezer, Panic! at the Disco, Nirvana, My Chemical Romance, and The Foo Fighters.

The band’s musical style has progressed through the years, according to Carroll, as Final Call tries to balance the bands it is inspired by and discovering its own unique sound.

The band’s first album was straight pop-punk, the singer said.

“The bands we were listening to, Green Day or Blink-182, you could probably pull out one of our older songs and compare it much closer,” Carroll explained.

The band has evolved its sound to incorporate more styles, including emo, alternative rock, soft rock, and techno.

“With each song, each single, each album we put out, we’re trying to expand a little bit more out of the genre and put our own personal finishing touches on it, whether it be a signature bass line or a signature drum line or something that I’m doing with my vocals to set us apart and make it a little bit different from the songs we’ve previously put out and a little bit different from the bands that are inspiring us,” Carroll said. “I would say it’s taking all that inspiration, compiling it, let it progress over time, and adding our own finishing touches on it to make it unique and make it our own.”

Final Call hopes its foray through Long Island and New York City expands its reach and momentum. The band is specifically hoping to grow its fanbase in the Big Apple while reconnecting with their roots in Huntington.

The band is taking a two-fold approach to its shows.

“[People] are hopefully gonna come in and enjoy the covers that we’re playing; that’s what everyone knows,” Carroll said. “I also really hope they take the time to appreciate our originals and look into them. Ultimately, hopefully, we have a larger fanbase on our social media platforms, all the streaming sites, and more people coming to our shows consistently. That’s the goal.”

While Final Call is just getting started, the band hopes to only increase its popularity. All members have full-time jobs, but music is their primary passion. The band hopes to eventually tour across the United States and abroad.

“Nothing would ever be off the table for us,” Carroll said. “We just have to keep pushing and hope that we get the demand that we could do something like that, because that would be the ultimate goal.”

Carroll said he hopes everyone gets to go to at least one or two shows and urged people to check out the Final Call social media pages for new promotions, merchandise, and original music.

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