Ethan Page Reflects On Some Of His Favorite Moments He’s Had In AEW So Far

Ethan Page looks back on some of his favorite moments in AEW so far.


The company star debuted back at Revolution 2021 and has remained an active member of the roster ever since. Page spoke about some of his favorite moments in AEW during a recent interview on Sunday Night’s Main Event. He says that while most of them were losses, getting to wrestle several top stars like Chris Jericho, Darby Allin, Jon Moxley, Sting, and Christian Cage stand at the top.

Oh jeez, I’ve lost ‘em all so, I would say, I mean wrestling Sting in a tag match for his first match back in an arena. That was definitely a highlight for me (his standout matches & moments in AEW). Wrestling against Jake Hager and Chris Jericho at Grand Slam with over 20,000 fans was definitely one of them. Fans telling me that me getting annihilated in that coffin with Darby (Allin) was one of them and you know what? Another one that really sticks out to me was… oh my God, (Jon) Moxley’s return match. That was huge for me. Just knowing that the company trusted me with that type of match and to be put in that position and wrestling Christian (Cage), one of my favorite wrestlers and again, I lost all of these matches but, they are all very memorable.

Page later recalls matches he had against Bryan Danielson and Cody Rhodes before declaring that he might be one of the top wrestlers in the world after having matches with such big names.

The fact that I get to share a locker room with these people is insane to me. Never mind a ring or some very special moments like, we did a New Year’s edition of AEW and I wrestled Cody Rhodes for the TNT Title in the main event of Rampage. That’s a match that I’ll never forget and going in a 20-minute war on Dynamite with Bryan Danielson, again, another match I’ll never forget. Lost ‘em all. But, they are matches that I’ll never forget. They all count. They are in the record books forever. Hamilton’s own Ethan Page has shared the ring with some of the greatest wrestlers of all time, which means I’m one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, right?

Elsewhere in the interview, Page spoke about getting his own action figure in the Unrivaled Series and how proud he is of that accomplishment. You can read about that here.

(H/T and transcribed by Post Wrestling)

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