MD Bay Bridge: Best Times To Cross On Memorial​ Day Weekend 2023

ANNAPOLIS, MD — If you want to beat the congestion on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge this Memorial Day weekend, you’ll have to get up with the morning birds or drive with the night owls. Every Marylander knows if you wait too long, you could get caught in traffic jams for miles.

The Maryland Transportation Authority warned drivers to travel off-hours if they don’t want to chance the traffic heading to the beach this holiday weekend.

Best Times To Cross

Memorial Day is on Monday, May 29. The best times to cross the Bay Bridge this weekend are:

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Officials expect heavier eastbound traffic Thursday through Saturday. They anticipate westbound congestion Sunday and Monday.

The MDTA estimated that more than 325,000 vehicles will cross the Bay Bridge between Friday and Monday.

Find out what's happening in Annapoliswith free, real-time updates from Patch.

If weather and traffic permit, the MDTA will open two-way operations to ease some of the traffic heading east. Wind, fog and rain could disrupt this plan, however.

Officials ask drivers to stay on U.S. Route 50 even if it is congested. This will keep local roads clear for first responders and residents.

Drivers may save some time on their trips to the Eastern Shore by taking the northern route. Travelers can head up Interstate 95 north to Delaware and drive down Route 1 south to get to the beaches.

Traffic, Safety Tips

Drivers must pay attention to these overhead signals on the bridge:

Here’s how to check the traffic:

Along with delays, authorities will be on the lookout for risky behavior on the roads. Travelers can report aggressive drivers to the MDTA Police at 410-537-7911.

The MDTA also offered these safety tips:


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