Former AEW star Cody Rhodes WWE bound, EVPs reaction to his departure


On the latest episode of the PWTorch VIP Keller’s Focus On AEW podcast posted earlier this afternoon, PWTorch editor Wade Keller cited sources indicating that Cody Rhodes is heading to WWE in the near future.

Keller reported that Rhodes will soon sign a big money contract with WWE and he will get a big push during WrestleMania season from Vince McMahon. PWTorch has confirmed that Cody is a free agent without a non-compete clause and is able to appear on WWE TV immediately once he signs his deal.

One WWE source tells PWTorch that he believes Vince wanted to sign Cody in part to show WWE could outbid AEW. AEW had won the services over Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole, both of whom were extended nice offers by WWE before they left.

Keller reports that one of the sticking points that lead to Cody leaving AEW was that he wanted to be paid more, in line with top wrestlers such as big free agent signings Bryan Danielson and C.M. Punk, but Tony Khan was unwilling to offer him that kind of money to stay in AEW as an EVP and talent. Cody made an on-air reference on Dynamite last month to not being happy with the contract offer Tony gave him during his time of being a free agent.

PWTorch and other sources have reported that there had been a lot of in-fighting between Cody, The Young Bucks, and Kenny Omega during a long span of AEW’s existence. Sources close to the EVPs note to PWTorch today that the tension between them had calmed for some time now and they had been getting along well lately. Those sources also noted that Cody told the other EVPs he was unhappy two weeks ago. The EVPs all thought that despite Rhodes voicing that he was unhappy, that he would work out a deal with Tony and stay with AEW.

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