T.H.E. Show 2022: A Great Show

Look into the faces of Jashan Bahl and Anmol. The boy, who is 5, came to the show with his dad because he loves music and instruments. He’s wide-eyed, curious, and ready to learn. He is the future of high-end audio.

The current state of the high-end could be felt strongly at T.H.E. Show. This may not have been a record-setting blockbuster affair—attendance felt light on Friday and Sunday, but very healthy and engaged on Saturday—but it was one where a plethora of major and second-tier brands at all price points were on display. There was time aplenty to linger in rooms, and plenty of energy to be had. Exhibitors, for the most part, were relaxed and available, and a huge percentage of attendees were engaged and respectful. While there were folks who insisted on talking to friends during demos, not once did I hear anyone discussing the state of the stock market or the world in the middle of a demo. That’s another way of saying that interest was high, and tire kickers few.

Photographer Jason gets down to business

What I heard, in room after room, was good sound. I can’t recall the last time I stopped at an audio show in the middle of a busy Saturday and felt so happy to be there that I asked myself, in the New York Jewish accent that laughs out loud in my mind, “I’m actually getting paid to cover this?” The bubble may not have lasted the entire show, but while it did, it was real. T.H.E. Show could well have stood for “The Highest Experience Show,” given what I heard in room after room.

While exhibitor experiences are always mixed, I’ve already received a report from one major exhibitor that two sales were made, and according to show organizer Emiko Carlin, others reported multiple sales. It’s safe to say that a lot of people, save for those still in anguish over equipment shipments that never arrived, left happy.

Below are two more faces from the show: Yours truly and Emiko Carlin, Senior Vice President of T.H.E. Show. aka the future spouse of Maurice Jung, President of T.H.E. Show. Heartfelt congratulations in advance to Ms./Mrs. and Mr. Show.

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