Undertaker says a WWE without Vince McMahon is ‘hard to imagine’

The Undertaker says he knew Vince McMahon wouldn't be able to stay away from WWE. 

The 57-year-old reflected on hearing McMahon was stepping down during a recent interview with Ariel Helwani. 

Taker said: 

He called me the day before he announced [his retirement] and we got into an argument because I thought he was ribbing me. I said, 'There's no way, there is absolutely no way you're stepping away.'

We ended up kind of going at it a little bit. Finally, I was like 'alright, okay.' Sure enough, next day, Vince resigned but I knew there was no way he'd stay away. 

McMahon returned as the company's executive chairman in January. WWE has publicly stated that his only role is to spearhead efforts regarding a potential sale but Taker feels it will still be challenging for him to not be more involved. 

Even in this role, I think it's going to be challenging for him. I mean, that's his baby, man, he's the one who created this whole thing.

I know he wants to make sure that these TV deals and everything are done the right way and right now that's his sole motivation but that's Vince McMahon, I don't know, we'll see where it goes. A WWE without Vince is hard to imagine. 

When asked if he foresees a scenario where Vince McMahon is not involved with the company, Taker responded:

I would have a really hard time imagining that there wouldn't be some kind of contingency that he has some type of control there. I don't think even if the company was to get sold, which I don't have any feeling one way or another whether that's going to happen or not, but I just can't imagine somebody coming in and buying the company and running it the same way with just the dedication to detail the way it's run now. 

However, Taker believes that Paul "Triple H" Levesque has done "great" in his role as Chief Content Officer. Taker continued to say that Triple H's current role is "the perfect position for him."

He has always been a creative force even when he was just a talent. I mean, he just always had great ideas and it's the perfect position, I think, for him. I think he's done a really, really good job and under a really difficult situation too. 

Up next for Taker is a performance of his 1deadMAN Show on Friday, March 24, from the Chelsea at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. The show will begin shortly after the conclusion of WWE SmackDown from nearby MGM Grand Garden Arena the same night. 

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