Opening Date Set For 2023 Season At Westport's Longshore Golf Course

WESTPORT, CT — The golf course at Longshore Club Park in Westport will open for the 2023 season on March 28, weather permitting, with several fees set to increase, according to officials.

The last round of golf fee increases was in 2021, in which most rose by a flat $2.

For 2023, some fees are increasing by a dollar, some by $2, and some are remaining unchanged. See the below list for the new fees, which are compared to fees from recent years.*

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“When we look at our golf course fees, we’re looking to, number one, to align ourselves with our competitors, as well as make sure we’re covering our expenses and any other future projects,” said Parks and Recreation Director Jen Fava during a Feb. 22 Board of Selectwomen meeting when the new fees were unanimously approved.

For example, one expense that has skyrocketed in the past year, is the cost of range balls for the driving range, which increased by 62 percent, according to Fava.

Find out what's happening in Westportwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

Other expenses such as gas, landscaping chemicals and equipment have also increased.

Among the fee changes for 2023, are the 18-hole greens fees for residents with a handpass to $33 during the week, up $2 from last year. The 9-hole rate for residents with handpasses is also up by $2 during the week to $28.

Weekend rates for residents with handpasses also increased by $2 to $35.

Motorized cart rental fees did not change from 2022 to 2023, in part to stay competitive with other courses, according to Fava.

*Below are the past and new golf fees at Longshore, as prepared by the Parks and Recreation Department for a February meeting. The amounts listed under “2023 Proposed” were unanimously approved by the Board of Selectwomen on Feb. 22:

— Text image via the Westport Parks and Recreation Department

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