FIFA World Cup: Copa And African Champs Lose Openers, Euro Winners Don't Even Qualify!

3 days into FIFA World Cup 2022 and we already have our first upset. Yes, Saudi Arabia downed Argentina 2-1 and that too after being a goal down. Lionel Messi’s boys who were unbeaten in their last 36 games ended up second best. The Copa champions were brought down to reality pretty hard.  

But that is the beauty of football – its unpredictability. After all, it is a game of the masses and a little bit of mystery adds more spice to the punch.


Only a day before Argentina’s loss, African champions Senegal were beaten 2-0 by Netherlands. This was after dominating most of the encounter and almost managing at point at the very least. But the Dutch did have a surprise up their sleeve and upped their game when needed.

But it does not end there. Euro champs Italy did not even make it to the FIFA World Cup. Yes, only last year, they were the Kings of Europe and now they are not playing in the biggest competition of the sport. A painful reminder of harsh reality.


This is the 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup and do not be surprised if more upsets take place. The tournament over the years is no stranger to such upsets and is time to brace for more.

This edition began on November 20 and the final is on December 18.  

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