Davey Boy Smith Jr. Is Happy To Be Back With MLW: “I Have A Special Play In My Heart For Major League Wrestling”

Davey Boy Smith Jr. says he is ecstatic to be back with Major League Wrestling.


The 2019 Opera Cup winner spoke on this topic during a recent interview with Fightful, where he discussed how many legacy talents the promotion has acquired over the last few years that make them one of the hottest places to be in the wrestling industry. He also chats about working with his cousins, the Billington Bulldogs. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Says he is happy to be back with MLW as they hold a special place in his heart:

I’m certainly excited and glad to be back with Major League Wrestling. As well, I always have a special place in my heart for Major League Wrestling. It was my first independent pro wrestling event in the United States I worked for, a 17-year-old kid from Calgary, doing my chemistry homework on the plane along with Teddy Hart, TJ Wilson, and Jack Evans. Mr. Saint Laurent and Court Bauer reached out to me about returning and it just felt like the right thing to do. Schedule-wise, I’ve been content. I enjoy being home more. MLW’s schedule is a lot less and seems to be where I have a lot of creative input, and [is] really the right place for me. MSL and Court have been great to me over the years and really have given me a great opportunity, said that the doors are open for me to come back and it’s been really great so far. I’ve brought along my cousins from the UK, the Billington Bulldogs. We’ve been having a blast ever since. I like to consider MLW my home.

On MLW being home to several legacy talents:

You got guys like the Von Erichs, they’re a couple of great talents as well. Jacob Fatu, he’s quite a specimen. The guy is athletic as hell, and those Samoans are all-natural wrestlers. What else can I say? They’re great. Myself and the Billington Bulldogs coming into MLW as well. Court’s given us a really great foundation and great platform to showcase our skills. So it’s been great.

On his relationship with the Billington Bulldogs:

I hadn’t seen them since 2014. So they were young kids and I was keeping in touch with them on social media and through their Instagram and Facebook pages with their father Mark. I’d seen their progress and I thought, ‘Wow. They went and took a quantum leap with their skills.’ It started to get them really good experience. They had a great coach with Marty Jones, as well. So I didn’t necessarily have a super close relationship, would have just been when I would visit, they’d pop in and say hi. Then the next thing I know I see them on Instagram, coming off the ropes with dropkicks and headbutts and stuff. They came to Calgary, they decided to stay for a while and work with some of the local circuits here. Which is good, it gets them experience. I trained with them a couple of times and their basics are all pretty good. They just need experience. They’re still young so they haven’t filled out. So just keep training, they’ll keep doing better and also staying safe.

This was the same interview where Davey Boy Smith. Jr said he wishes he had the chance to work with WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg. You can read about that here.

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