Jericho: “I like to bust my own balls”

Speaking to The Aquarian, Chris Jericho was asked if he signed with AEW on the condition that they’d make him AEW Champion.
He replied, “It doesn’t work that way. I would never say that. The belt is just a prop anyway. The important thing is how you conduct yourself, how you work in the ring, and how you connect with the audience. That’s much more important than having a title.”
While Jericho has been winning the majority of his matches in AEW, he hasn’t been afraid to poke fun at himself in promos. As Jericho explains, it’s all part of who he is.
“You can never take yourself too seriously. Especially in this business. People don’t like that. Plus, if I can’t insult myself, who can I insult? I like to bust my own balls. People respond to that,” he said.Click Here: newcastle knights team jersey